one day, three autumns

Broke collegiate student athlete fighting to stay afloat.


Can we talk about how much I like reading nooks/alcoves? Like, look at these. I want one so badly. So cozy and secluded and comfy. (none of these images are mine- I’ve collected them over time because of my intense love of reading nooks v__v) 

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All I really need to be happy is a small table, a window, and a cup of coffee.

I think perhaps love comes from finding someone you feel utterly comfortable with, someone who makes you comfortable with yourself. It’s like…finding yourself, or maybe it’s like finding the other part of yourself.

—Whispers of Heaven (Candice Proctor)

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Say it before you run out of time. Say it before it’s too late. Say what you’re feeling. Waiting is a mistake.

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I’m so restless at night when you aren’t by my side. I toss and turn, wishing you were here. I can’t wait for tomorrow.